INTRODUCING: Make Music Moves Inner Circle
Your First Month is Completely FREE
As part of the inner circle, you will receive the resources that you need to further your music career. We are so sure that you will stick around that we are offering the first month completely FREE. You will not be charged until the second month of being part of the Inner Circle.
What You Will Gain From Being a Part of the Inner Circle:
Benefit #1: 100 Spotify Curator Contacts Every Month
Get an exclusive list of Spotify playlists and their curators delivered to you each month.

Benefit #2: TV Shows & Movies in Post Production
Every month you will receive a list of TV shows and movies that are looking for music! And of course the music supervisor contact info for you to reach out!
Benefit #3: 10 YouTube Playlists Every Month

We provide you with YouTube playlists that will help skyrocket the views on your music videos!

Benefit #4: Top Trending Songs to Cover
Stay up to date with the top trending songs on YouTube and Instagram. Cover these songs to increase your chances of going viral.
Benefit #5: Access to Olivia and Her Team
Attend bi-weekly video calls where you get full access to Olivia and her team. Ask her anything about music, business, or marketing.
Benefit #6: Free Bonus Lectures
Get exclusive access to Make Music Moves lectures that can only be found in the Inner Circle.

Benefit #7: Songwriting Tips
Learn songwriting tips from some of the best in the industry!

Benefit #8: Hashtag Trends
Know which hashtags are going to get your posts the most exposure.
Benefit #9: Big Discounts

Get discounts on Instagram features, marketing promotions, and Make Music Moves courses.
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